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Cool Beans Design Agency-cool-beansWe have a good friend that is simply too talented for his own good hehe, no but for real, Ryan De Azevedo, who owns Cool Beans Design Agency, is unbelievably talented at what he does. We finally got him still for a few hours, so we could get to interview him and find out what makes this man tick. He does all forms of design, with graphics being a huge part of his business, however lately he has found a passion in printing his designs on various mediums like aluminum, acrylic and even wood. So take a few minutes to read this feature, getting to know what Cool Beans Design Agency is all about, and if you are paying attention, you might be walking away with one of his amazing designs printed on wood, that he so generously offered to us as a prize. Check it out…

Cool Beans Design Agency

Cool Beans Design Agency-Work-Sample3banner for Senhor Calistos

  • Hey Ryan, how you doing bro?

Hey guys! I’m doing AWESOME!

  • Give us a little background to how Cool Beans Agency started..

Having started as a Graphic designer in 2002, I had worked for a couple different agencies, in-house departments & print companies. I had somehow landed up at an agency where to be honest, my creative talents weren’t being pushed. When a really close friend came to me in 2008 with a cool concept for her 21st invites, it sparked the idea of starting my own little business actually just doing invitations. Shortly after, I landed quite a big overseas client doing all their advertising material so I decided in 2009 it was time to take the plunge of business ownership and start my own agency. Cool Beans was born and things haven’t been the same since!

  • What is your business focus?

Our main focus is graphic design. Leaning a little more towards the print side but with design being so vast, we get new challenges everyday on the advertising / marketing & electronic sides too!

Cool Beans Design Agency-Work-Sample1 Cool Beans Design Agency-Work-Sample2

  • What inspires you to do what you are doing?

The fact that every odd day we get to do something different. We get to meet new people all the time & the challenge of meeting their expectations keeps the inspiration flowing!

  • What type of person or companies need Cool Beans Agency to be looking after their design work?

ALL OF THEM! We pride ourselves in the fact that whether you are a mom looking to do a cool print of her kids right through to the huge corporation needing a 200 page annual report, no one is too big or small for us to help make their ideas reality.

  • I was at Precinct 23 over the weekend and saw your awesome work being showcased, are you more focused on design art pieces now or is it just a facet of the company?

Thanks! We were quite proud of the display at Precinct! The art is just another facet of the company. Graphic design will always be our core focus but we definitely are focused on pushing the art side. We love creating art pieces on some of the most unique substrates and pushing the limits where we can.

Check out for some of our products.

Cool Beans Design Agency-Wood-Print-3

Wood PrintCool Beans Design Agency-Aluminium-Print2
Aluminum PrintCool Beans Design Agency-acrylic-print
Acrylic Print Cool Beans Design Agency-Wood-Print-2
Wood PrintCool Beans Design Agency-Aluminium-Print
  • What has you most excited about our local design industry in general and the market?

I think as South Africans, we don’t really realise how much international work gets done in our country. We have some of the top creative minds in the industry and I love seeing what gets created for our markets and those abroad.

  • To date, what has been your best achievement?

That’s a tough one! I’ve worked on some great campaigns for huge brands & with some genius minds to create spectacular work through the years, but personally, Cool Beans is my greatest achievement. It was started during a recession plus it’s taken a couple hard knocks along the way, so to have pushed through and still be here, no words can explain!

  • Are you working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

After all the testing and sampling we did to create our art pieces on aluminium, wood, glass & other substrates. We are looking to combine them and creating some cool funky & modern furniture pieces. We’ll keep you updated on the progress!

  • Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time career wise?

I’m working towards building Cool Beans to a recognised brand globally. So with some hard work in 5 years, I would like to see us being recognised as one of the top agencies to work with.

  • Where can people follow you guys?

You can follow all the Cool Bean happenings via Facebook (Cool Beans Design Agency) or twitter (@CoolBeansDesign)

Cool Beans Design Agency-Cool-beans2Competition

Ryan at Cool Beans has offered this amazing guitar print on wood as a prize giveaway. So to enter the competition for this awesome art piece, you need to do the following:

  • Like and Follow Cool Beans Design Agency on Facebook & Twitter
  • Like and Follow Mixed Apples on Facebook & Twitter
  • Send a TWEET mentioning @MixedApplesSA & @CoolBeansDesign, with a motivational plea/beg of why you deserve the prize.. The most quirky and fun entry will be the winner!

I know its a bit of a mission to do all of that but the prize is definitely worth the effort!! We will be running the competition till the end of next week, 15th November, when we will then announce the winner..

Cool Beans Design Agency-Wood-Prize




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