Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE competition – Finalist INSIGHT – KANYI


The TOP 10 Finalists in the Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE 2013 competition have been selected, now its up to you to choose the winner!!! Here is the feature of another 1 of the finalists, she is called KANYI..




MA: For those of us who have never heard of you, please tell us about yourselves in a few lines…

I find it hard to summarise myself in a few lines, but basically, I’m a hip hop junkie from Cape Town, SA. I started performing as a rapper in 2002 and the journey still continues. 

MA: Give us a bit of background on your name?

My name is Kanyisa Mavi. Kanyi for short. Kanyisa means to illuminate in my mother tongue, isiXhosa.

MA: What would you say are some of your biggest influences and inspirations as a musician?

Most of my influences come from the Hip Hop I was listening to growing up. I love rappers who opened your mind and taught you something new. The Roots, KRS-1, The Fugees, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Busta Rhymes and many others. Hip Hop always had something new for me and why I love it so much. 

MA: To date, what has been your best gig / achievement as a musician?

Well, when Lauryn Hill came to my album launch and jumped on stage in 2012, that was amazing. What a blessing. This year, 2013_ I went on my first big tour overseas with Kwaai(A Sweden meets South Africa collaboration project). In fact, this is the first time I leave the continent, we’ve been touring in Sweden and its been unbelievable. I’ve always known that music will eventually take me to all corners of the world. Having to actually experience that is a dream turned reality. 

MA: You have been selected as one of the Top 10 finalists in the Converse GET OUT THE GARAGE competition. Tell us why we should vote for you instead of the other 9 finalists?

Music is my love. My drive. My reason. Hip Hop flows through where blood is supposed to transport oxygen to the various parts of my body. I live it. I could go on a rant about being a female in a testosterone-filled genre. Complain about how the industry moulds you to what it wants you to become. The truth is, these are conditions that have been there before music. All I want to do is be behind the mic and share this passion that I have. The universal language of music that surpasses all inhibitions of race, sex and personality. This, I show with every syllable in all the lyrics I pen and utter. You will feel my passion. 

MA: What would winning this competition mean to you?

It will mean that the faith and the love that I have been pouring and invested into my music is not all in vain. That more people are sharing my vision and the world is ready to wake up. My album is called “Iintombi Zifikile” (translated, The Women Have Arrived). A written prophecy fulfilled.


MA: Are you working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

Well, music-wise, the Kwaai project is doing some interesting things. The first edition of the Kwaai collabo project was recorded in South Africa, the second one- we are recording in Sweden. The single ‘Badman’ has been recieving a lot of love from both countries so we might even have a Kwaai Tour in South Africa.  

Another project I am part of is OYI (Outspoken Youth Initiative). Its a group of young musicians, sports personalities, actors etc from Gugulethu and surrounding areas who use their influence to mobilise the youth so they can help improve our living conditions in the townships. We do charity drives to collect clothing and donate to those who need them. The events we throw include musical perfomances and sports activities to attract young people, then we run soup kitchens, motivational talks where we highlight a cause and mobilise all young people to help. Whether it for a childrens orphanage, an old age home or visiting prisoners. This is our way of giving back and help to uplift community spirits. 

MA: Where can people follow you guys? (Facebook Page) @Kanyi_Mavi (twitter), (Soundcloud)

MA: Finally, if you could work in studio with any artist in the world, who would that be? 

Undoubtedly, without a lot of thought, it would have to be the phenomenal Roots Crew (The Roots) 



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