Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE 2013 competition – Finalist INSIGHT – Twelv & Thesis


The TOP 10 Finalists in the Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE 2013 competition have been selected, now its up to you to choose the winner!!! Here is the feature of another 1 of the finalists, they are called TWELV & THESIS…



MA: For those of us who have never heard of you, please tell us about yourselves in a few lines…

We met at the age of three in a sandpit, we’ve been friends for about 22 years now and we make music together! Intelligent rhymes you can relate to, large beats and basslines peppered with glitchy fun robot music! When you’ve known somebody so long, you just have so many stories. And those stories come out in our music, we’ve never really had to discuss a song we make. It always sort of just happens, because there’s a story to it, and our generation can relate to those stories. It’s been six years since we started playing and we’ve seen more crazy zombie Michael Jackson ninja robot dance moves than we can count. But it’s been awesome to see so many happy people being united by music with a positive message! We also throw parties under our brand Impossible Object and have brought some great internationals to the country including FarTooLoud and Zomboy (UK).

MA: Give us a bit of background on your name? 

Twelv was 12 years old when he started making music, and also is randomly obsessed with the number for some reason. Thesis’s raps resemble more a lyrical dissertation than a bling-fueled sizzurp fest. Also it abbreviates to TNT – but to be honest we only noticed that much later and we weren’t too phased about it.

MA: What would you say are some of your biggest influences and inspirations as a musician?

A long list of over 200 artists, with everything from The Prodigy to FatBoy Slim, to that guy beatboxing into a butternut at three in the morning outside Town Hall. But to be honest, the number one inspiration is often our fellow local South African musicians. We’ve been following the growth of electronic music from before we were even old enough to tie our own shoelaces, the time when electronic music was all a big mistake created by Japanese bass guitar synthesizers plugged into distortion pedals through to the birth of the breakbeat revolution. And it’s amazing how all the different countries played a different part in its development.

MA: To date, what has been your best gig / achievement as a musician?

Being a part of the South African electronic music revolution! Also being able to play alongside the best at some of the best festivals such as Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies, Grietfest, Earthdance and more!


MA: You have been selected as one of the Top 10 finalists in the Converse GET OUT THE GARAGE competition. Tell us why we should vote for you instead of the other 9 finalists? 

Well, you can vote for who you wish. But I suppose, what we’ve definitely achieved in the last six years is that, apart from playing and spreading our music absolutely everywhere it can go in this country, the one thing we have always done is support the scene! For years we have been throwing parties, bringing international artists down, introducing people to new music and helping promote other local acts and brands. It’s how we’ve always worked, and people support us because we support them back. So if you enjoy our music, or have been to one of our parties, or love the electronic music scene, vote for Twelv & Thesis to represent quality beats in the UK. 🙂

MA: What would winning this competition mean to you?

Winning this competition would not only mean the world to us, but to our peers who have supported us throughout the last seven years. To have an opportunity to show the international music scene the level of quality electronic music being made in this country, and to open more doors for other similar local electronic artists like us, means a lot. It’s also a chance to spread a positive image of S.A. because we believe in making music that is positive. It’s all about what makes you smile at the end of the day right?

MA: Are you working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

Yes, we’re developing a fully 3D computer game, but we can’t reveal too much on that until closer to its release date at the end of this year. But it’s truly something close to our hearts, forged by and created for this generation. Stay VERY tuned on this one!

MA: Where can people follow you guys?

Pop over to, and grab our Facebook and Twitter from there. We’re very active on all platforms and will always let you know what’s up! Also check out our soundcloud at and grab a whole bunch of free glitchy bass treats!

MA: Finally, if you could work in studio with any artist in the world, who would that be?

We always have an inclination to want to work with our idols and inspirations. But maybe sometimes it’s the mystery and elusiveness that makes it special. We are finally at a point where we are lucky enough to say, that all the artists we want to work with are right here in our own country, and the spirit of collaboration, and the results are more than we could ever want 🙂

Photography by Peter Hudson



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