Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE 2013 competition – Finalist INSIGHT – Jordi

JordiThe TOP 10 Finalists in the Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE 2013 competition have been selected, now its up to you to choose the winner!!! Here is the feature of 1 of these finalists, his name is JORDI… 


Instead of answering the questions we put forward to him, Jordi rather gave us his story of how music is a part of who he is and what it would mean for him to win this prize, these are his words:


“Hi my name is Jordi

I am 22 years old and Im a singer/song writer from a little town called Kloof just outside of Durban, South Africa .

I Grew up in a super musical/ artistic family. My mom the pianist and guitar teacher and my dad an artist and guitarist.

I’m one of 8 kids, crazy right?? so often my family would be in one room together,mom playing the piano,dad on guitar and my brothers and sisters singing along and just having a great time I was probably in a cradle somewhere in the house  humming along haha. My mom always says I could sing before I could talk.

When I was old enough I  picked up my dads guitar he left behind for me and i asked my mom if she would teach me how to play…that’s where my journey started.

I’ve been in all kinds of different bands since the age of 12. Music is a part of who I am and it was the only outlet to express how I really felt wether i was down and out or filled with joy. It was early in my life that I realized that this is what I want to do. But I had no idea where to start.

So I  Entered the CONVERSE get out of the Garage competition.

I am in the top 10!

The CONVERSE get out of the garage competition is possibly the greatest stepping stone for any musician who is passionate and serious about pursuing music.

Most of my influence and inspirations come from family,friends and just living life,being grateful that I have another day to possibly make a difference in someone else’s life. To name a few of my musical inspiration would be Chris Martin, Jon Foreman, Justin Vernon, James Vincent Mcmorrow, Gangs of Ballet, Dire Straits haha the list could go on! Music is beautiful and everyone has a story. I just hope people would take some time to have a listen to my story.

My best memory/achievement as a musician this far was having the privilege of doing a small European tour where we play at 18 schools in 22 days. It’s something I won’t ever forget.

Winning this competition would absolutely change my life. It offers a platform for the right people to notice you. Since I’ve left school I’ve been doing the odd job to make ends meet. All I’ve ever desired and dreamt of is pursuing music with all that I am. I’ve never had the opportunity to do it before. I do know it’s what I was created to do. I just need your help.

If I could work with any artist in the world it would definitely be Chris Martin.

South Africa is filled with amazing bands and artists. I am so GRATEFUL that I have made TOP 10! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

You can find everything you need here, HAVE A LISTEN.”

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