[competition] THE REPUBLIC OF MIELIEPOP 2018

[competition] THE REPUBLIC OF MIELIEPOP 2018

Date: 21 – 24 March 2018
Venue: Tolderia Resort, 2351 Lothair, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Time: 21 March 2018 | 10AM
Price: R750 (General Admission) | R850 (Gate)
Bookings: Plankton http://bit.ly/2A6PwGR
Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2hZl6Si
More Info: https://www.mieliepopfestival.co.za

[competition] THE REPUBLIC OF MIELIEPOP 2018

One of South Africa’s most beloved boutique music festivals returns 21-24 March 2018 for its 7th year running. The Republic of Mieliepop offers a laid back 4 day musical festival experience with over 90 acts performing on 6 different stages, catering for a wide variety of musical tastebuds. The festival also takes place at an one-of-a-kind picturesque venue in Mpumalanga, complete with lakes, swimming pools, caves, green lawns and luxurious ablutions facilities filled with beautiful, friendly festival goers.

Line-up includes DZ Deathrays (Australia), Easy Freak, Van Pletzen, Bombshelter Beast, African Rhythm, Crimson House, Hellcats, ello Beautiful, Julia Robert, Jonathan Peyper Trio, Luma, Miki San Tzu, Moonchild Sanelly, Nick Hamman, Runaway Nuns, Wolfgang Marrow and many more!

[competition] THE REPUBLIC OF MIELIEPOP 2018

Ticket Competition:

We are in a fortunate position to be giving away 1x Double Set of tickets to this amazing festival, we would like to offer it to one of our loyal Mixed Apples fans. This is how you enter:

1: Drop us a COMMENT telling us why you should be winning these tickets. Be unique, fun and ballsy 😉
2: Which 3 bands/DJ’s are you most excited to see at the festival?
3: Go to our Facebook page, HERE, where you will see the social post for this competition. Click SHARE and TAG 5 friends.

Winners to be announced at the end of this week 2nd March 😀
Good Luck!

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10 Responses

  1. Lise says:

    So this page has been open for the last 4 days on my laptop as I (still) have no idea what to comment. I’m not good at poems but let my try my best:

    Mieliepop is for all kinds of chops
    It is not to be missed or you’ll be called a sot!
    But alas for someone with no money, job or tot
    Neverland is not seeing this pop

    So hey Mr Apples!
    Let me get my paddles
    And see my favourite musical battles
    Of Deathrays, Crimson House and the Retro Dazzels (It’s Dizzy, I know)

  2. Niel van Eeden says:

    Dear Mixed Apples,

    In 2015 I met this girl, she was my best friend’s best friend and we couldn’t stand each other. The first time I met her was at a @Francois van Coke gig where I kept throwing her in the face with ice. The second time was a few months later at a @Bittereinder show at @mystic boer potchefstroom where she threw up on my shoes because, I guess, karma. We saw each other quite a few more times at several live music shows and eventually we started texting. She was trying to use me for free lodging during Jool and I was obviously enjoying the attention.

    A few months later we started seeing each other and went on our first actual “date” to Mieliepop in 2016. There was this moment, between intoxication, the sunset, good music and the view where I accidentally whispered “I love you” to her and only afterwards realised that I actually meant it.

    After that we attended a crazy amount of music shows and festivals together, but each time reminiscing back to Mieliepop and how absolutely perfect that weekend was.

    In 2017, I started working and I was in a very fortunate position to pay for my lady and I to spend our anniversary at Mieliepop without her having to contribute any dollars, only the perfect company.

    This year I am studying once again which means that I am broke AF, like I literally stole a role of toilet paper the other day. It would be so amazing to surprise her with these tickets to Mieliepop 2018 so we can once again spend another anniversary where it all started.

    The 3 bands I am most looking forward to is Black Cat Bones, Boo! And Van Pletzen

  3. Fabia Dos Santos says:

    What do you listen to?

    A) Justin Bieber
    B) Jonas Brothers
    C) Miley Cirus
    D) Music at Mielie Pop!

    I’d be beyond THRILLED to win Tickets to this Festival. I have never been before and would walk on fire/tightropes/midget heads to be able to experience this. Unplug, ground my feet, dance dance dance and camp under the stars. What more could a hippy love child ask for? These Tickets… I can for these tickets…PLEASE (with cherries on top).

    Fave Musos: Leeu, Boo! and Sutherland FTW

  4. Quinton Dos Santos says:

    Hey guys! My Girlfriends birthday is in a months time and taking her to her first Mieliepop would be a fantastic way to celebrate her quarter century 😉 Actually – I haven’t been there either, so you would be helping me out with crossing Mieliepop of my Festival Bucket List (Yes, it’s a thing).
    I have heard so much about this festival, and would love to experience it with her! Plus – who wouldn’t want t see a Unicorn and a Zebra at a music festival? We promise to wear our onesies with pride! 😀
    Thanks again for the awesome comp!

  5. Franco Labuschagne says:

    I am the Biggest DZ Deathrays fan. Would be the best thing since bacon to get these tickets and see these dudes preform. I am not broke, but who doesn’t like free stuff?

    I am excited to see:
    DZ Deathrays
    The Moths
    Sol Gems

  6. Lara Hambrock says:

    I hate adulting and this is the perfect opportunity to shut off and let the festival show you its way! Festivals are always a place of unrestrained joy! Theres nothing like tons of booz in my face, amazing friends and strangers around you and music that fills the air with sick beats!

    Would be amazing to attend this festival for the first time!!

  7. My lady and myself were fortunate enough to attend last year.
    This is by far one of the most beautiful, laid back events in SA.

    It would mean alot if we could win these tickets to attend the festival again this year.

    We active supporters of Mixed Apples, events podcasts.


  8. Jani says:

    I’m a broke-ass individual wanting to be part of this amazing experience! It will be my first time ever plus its my boyfriend and I’s 2nd year anniversary on the weekend of Mieliepop, so this would be the perfect gift

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