Climate Control drop their latest single called “TIDAL WAVE”, we have a chat to them about this…

Climate Control drop their latest single called TIDAL WAVES

Mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans)

Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, Preludes, Johannesburg rock band Climate Control has experienced an unforgettable 12 months, performing at Krank’d Up 2013, Sunfest 5 and RAMfest 2014, as well as sharing the stage with international heavyweights such as Affiance, Dead Letter Circus, Biffy Clyro, Foals, Dreamshade, Killswitch Engage and Trivium.

Now the band is back with another explosive single titled “Tidal Wave”. Produced by Clinton Watts (Bury Tomorrow, Truth & Its Burden, OneDaySky) and mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans), “Tidal Wave” is the evolution of Climate Control.

“We’ve never been more confident in something we’ve created,” declares vocalist/guitarist Nicolas Gonzalez. “We wanted to release something as emotional, warm, and enveloping as we could, and it’s gone beyond what we expected it to grow into.”

The music video for “Tidal Wave”, produced by Duck Rabbit Studios, was filmed at RAMfest 2014 and can be viewed below:


Climate Control drop their latest single called TIDAL WAVES

  • Hey there, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you!

Thanks for chatting to us!

  • Before we get started, do you mind introducing yourself and giving us a short background on how you all got started in music and where you guys met to form Climate Control?

Nic: We all met from very different parts of life, and things sort of fell together very easily initially. I went to high school with Luca, our guitarist, and met Jacques when we used to play in another cover band together. Jacques knew Wesley from school, who joined us on bass around 2010, some time after we lost our original bassist, which completed the lineup. We all had a passion for music and for the genre, and we took it from there. Putting together a band was something that I had no doubt about doing ever since I was around 14/15 years old, so I did, and it’s evolved over time into what it is now.

  • Would you mind introducing the band and telling us who plays what, in the band?

Nic: Well in a nutshell, we’re a rock/post-hardcore band based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m on vocals and guitar, Luca on guitar, Wesley on bass and harsh vocals, and Jacques on drums.

  • How would you describe your style of music that you make?

Nic: We focus on melody and groove in our music, but like to add a heavy edge to our sound. It’s emotive. I think it’s fairly accessible to those who don’t really listen to heavier styles of music, but we’re all fans of heavy music (among many others), and we’ve always had a heavy element to our music, while still being primarily focused on melody.

Climate Control drop their latest single called TIDAL WAVES Climate Control drop their latest single called TIDAL WAVES

Images credited to: Christelle Duvenage 

  • What would you say have been some of the challenges as a band thus far?

Luca:I think the main challenge we’ve had was the fact that we started as a very young band, being in school and not having much knowledge about what we were doing. It was difficult for people to take us seriously in the beginning. Now that we’re older and more established, people are starting to take us seriously as a band, not just as youngsters with instruments.

  • Where do you take inspiration from in your music?

Wes:For us, as a band, we draw inspiration from a lot of different things. We all have different tastes in music, and also styles of writing music. Personally, I draw my inspiration more from visual aspects and colours, some beautiful images; landscapes have inspired me to write a certain style of song that gives me the same feeling as I got when looking at it. Musical inspiration for me comes from post-rock bands, like This Will Destroy You, Astralia, Tides of Man, and also bands in other genres, like Karnivool, Prepared Like A Bride, and Deftones.

  • Our local music scene has been growing in leaps over the last few years, what has you most excited about how things are progressing in SA? 

Nic: I’d say the quality of the artists we have at the moment in the local scene is incredible. I feel there’s a growing understanding of the need to support one another and to build eachother up, which is crucial. The increasing number and variety of international artists performing here each year is also great, which is putting us even more on the touring map, and which will hopefully draw some more international attention to South African artists.

  • Who are some of the local bands that you love to listen to when you have the chance?

Jacques:I am a huge fan of Newtown Knife Gang, I have their album on constant repeat in my car. I think that they are making some huge waves in this country and they are paving the way for many other alternative bands in South Africa. I also listen to a lot of OneDaySky when I get the chance, we are good friends with the guys and Clint is also the producer of our album and new single “Tidal Wave”.

Another band that I am a fan of is Dance, You’re on Fire (R.I.P); lots of catchy tracks on their album and I would say it is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. There is one more guilty pleasure but I dare not speak it near the other guys, it rhymes with “black sparrow” *cough cough*.

Climate Control drop their latest single called TIDAL WAVES Climate Control drop their latest single called TIDAL WAVES Climate Control drop their latest single called TIDAL WAVESImage credited to: ChevFX

  • Can you give us a few of your career highlights thus far?

Jacques:There are almost too many to mention! If I had to think in the top 5, I would say that number one on the list is playing at RAMfest 2014. This was the biggest festival we have played at thus far and all I can say is that the experience was absolutely amazing! Definitely one for the books.

We have also had the privilege of performing at the Joburg legs of international bands Dreamshade and Affiance. The level of professionalism of international acts like them is astounding, and we always draw inspiration from that and hope to one day reach the same level (or as close as possible) as them.

On a more local note, our album launch at Sunfest (Sundowners) will always be very high on our achievement list. Our album had taken a very long time to finish and when the day finally came to release the album, it was like a metaphorical explosion had gone off. Months of hard work in the studio had paid off when we took to the stage. It was an experience I will never forget.

  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

Nic: I have a solo side-project called Raptors & Remnants, which I’ve been doing for ages now but have only recently started releasing some tracks under.

Wes:Yes, I have a solo project, Breathe In Oceans. It’s a post-rock project of mine where I write and record all guitar, bass and drum parts myself. I have a few songs I have completed, but have not thought about releasing on the web yet. It is a bit of a personal trip for me, emotionally, so I have kept it to myself. Most of these songs are still unheard by anyone but myself.

  • Where can we follow you on social media?

Nic: We’re on Facebook here, and Twitter here, which are our main social media pages. Our music can be listened to and purchased on our BandCamp page here, and on most other online music stores.

  • Lastly, what are your goals for the next 5 years? What big events/festivals do you wish to be playing at soon?

Nic: We’ve got a bunch of new tracks which we’re very excited about, and we’ll be playing these live and eventually recording them, working up to an EP or maybe another album a little further down the line. Regarding events and festivals, it’s obviously a dream of ours to be able to perform at Oppikoppi, so that’s definitely a goal. We’re planning some national tours, and eventually touring overseas would be the ultimate goal there. In general, just reaching as many ears, and hopefully moving or inspiring as many people as possible, is our ongoing goal.

  • Thank you so much for your time!

Not at all, thank you for the opportunity!

Climate Control – Tidal Wave (Official Music Video)

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