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By the missing ear of Vincent van Gogh! Ladies and Gents of the World Wide Web, if you love your art, illustrations and anything creative then you will go more berserk than an Ocr on heat in the hunting for Hobbits season, for my main man Christi ‘the crunch’ du Toit!

This cat is based all the way in sunny, bikini beach, invested Cape Town. With a mind more creative than the intensity of a Rubik’s cube and slicker style than David Beckham, you will be left breathless and amazed for days by this guy’s works. He specializes in: illustrator, graphic designer, and typographer.

Christi du Toit

He had the following to say about himself as an artist and what he actually does:

‘If I had to describe my work I’d have to say it’s “ever changing”. I know that doesn’t really give you an indication of how my work looks, but I think it’s a bit silly to try and describe graphics with words, when they’re there to be seen. The reason I said “ever-changing” is because I’m learning new tricks, and finding new ways to approach my work daily. I used to do a lot of my work with pen and edit it digitally, but it wasn’t until more recently that I made the full digital crossover. That being said, the majority of my work is digital, but every now and then I do step away from the ol’ computer and pick up a pen. As my work evolves, I do try and keep a little bit of ‘me’ throughout, looking for opportunities to do something unusual, to make my work a little more interesting to look at. I love combining elements like using a grandfather clock as a picture frame, or turning a cat into an arcade machine. I also love bringing life into inanimate objects or even into creatures and characters that only exist in my imagination. I am, however, obviously not limited to doing strange illustrations, but I do appreciate clients who are open to interesting ideas, even if the requested illustration is based around a very plain topic.’


This year he’ll be graduating and he also been selected to be one of the 40 Emerging Creatives for Design Indaba 2014, which is one hell of an honor like winning the noble arts prize of epicness-ness-ness! He has also done works for international bands (album covers), a Skateboard Company based in the USA and he did a lot of work for the underground music scene in Cape Town namely ‘Rub a Dub-Dub’ which was a monthly Dub-Step party held at Mercury Live (club).

Christi du Toit

He also said:  ‘a lot of awesome opportunities arose for me in 2013, and 2014 has started off better than I ever could have expected, so I’m pretty excited to see what this year will bring.’


So please stop what you doing and go Check out more awesome illustrations like these ones we posted, and be mesmerized by his talent, Christi du Toit // Grapic Art on the following pages:




Twitter: (@ChristiduToit)

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