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Jullian Gomes _ HK007

This young man, hailing from our hometown of Pretoria, will be bringing his unique ear and production skills to the ones and twos on a night filled with some of the best House DJ’s in the country.  

Jeremy Loops has a message… 0

Jeremy Loops has a message…

Here is a message by easily one of my favorite artists at the moment, Jeremy Loops: “This song, and it’s accompanying music video, has done so much for my career, it’s insane. I won an award because of it, and it’s still the song...

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Sew it Seams _ Fashion blog

Kick start your winter wardrobe… Sew it seams that winter is slowly creeping in and it is only fitting that we take a look at a few of the trends rearing their heads for the up and coming season.  One I’ve noticed and personally purchased on...