Catch SIDESHOW (x) LEBZ at THE SOCIAL this Saturday

OLMECA TEQUILA Presents: THE SOCIALThis Saturday, Stellenbosch is in for a real treat. Niskerone has gathered some of his friends in the industry, of freaking awesome electronic music, to play under one roof, possibly bringing the whole dam thing down!! Two of these DJ’s that will be playing on the night are SIDESHOW and LEBZ, who will be doing a 1-on-1 or back-to-back set. This should be mad exciting, so bring your dancing shoes, some extra bucks for red bulls and your positive attitudes. We caught up with these two artists, check what they had to say:


sideshow lebz2

  • Hey there guys, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you!!
S: Hola! All dope on my side. Thanks for hitting me up ūüôā
L: I’m doing well, thanks!
  • Before we get started, do you mind introducing yourself individually and tell us a short 101 on who¬†SIDESHOW & LEBZ¬†are, where you got started in music and how electronic music has had such a huge impact in your lives?
S: My name is Angela, i perform as SIDESHOW. I’ve been DJing for about 8 years. I started in the industry as a Live Sound Engineer and then moved on to managing a club which is where i discovered DJing as a way to share the music I love. I was fortunate enough to witness performances by The Real Estate Agents, Considerate Builders Scheme, Max Normal, Felix Laband, Sweat X and a wealth of other underground electronic music heroes right at the beginning of my career which planted the seed for what I would eventually flourish into as a DJ.¬†
L: I’m Lebohang but call myself DJ LEBZ from Khayelitsha (Townships). I started six years back,in house music ¬†scene,But 2013 i was introduced to Drum & Bass by (Bridges for music) with ambassador artists like Skrillex, Niskerone, Sibot,Black Coffee, Richie hawton and Luciano,But from the I found Drum & Bass as my healing medicine to music.It has been a incredible journey and great experience, I find Sideshow as amazing but Its a dream to me to be part of an amazing and big event ahead.
  • What would you say have been some inspirations to your musical journey thus far?¬†
S: The innovators, the hard workers, the humble unpretentious pawns on the chess board inspire me the most. People who work to improve the industry and grow subcultures along with their own careers. They see the bigger picture. Guys like Hyphen and Rudeone, Niskerone, Sibot, Haezer, Das Kapital/ Do Work Records, GRIET, Liver, Henk Van Der Schyf, Duncan Ringrose, the Cold Turkey and Leggo Fam, The Assembly crew and countless others that I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside.¬†
L: My great inspiration to my musical journey is from  a guy that comes from the townships to be playing Bass music, where most people think its made for certain people. I have chosen this journey because it represents who is Lebz is, and what I still have in the Bass music in Cape Town.
  • The local music scene has been growing in leaps over the last few years, what has you most excited about how things are progressing in SA?¬†
S: South Africa is now a music destination, a necessary stop on your Southern Hemisphere tour schedule. Local festivals and promoters have finally pulled their heads out of their own butts. They are working to showcase SA to the world by promoting the talent we have at home and booking acts that are relevant to the people who care about the music. 
L: Yeah local music is progressing slow especially Drum & Bass, but we have great platform in events like CTEMF in putting a name out the for bass artists.
  • Can you give us a few of your career highlights thus far?
S: To answer this question is the ultimate humble brag. I’ll probably look like a dick no matter what I say but every time i press play and people don’t hate me, I’m pretty stoked.¬†
Two moments that stand out:

1. Sharing a stage with Diplo at Oppikoppi 2012, which is the largest dancefloor i’ve ever played to!

2. Interviewing Drop The Lime on my radio show and then opening for him in Cape Town in August 2013
L: LoL,My career has started well,I had the chance to play with Sibot+toyota, Sabc2 (Hectic nine 9), Kinky Disco,Pulse radio and The Assembly events. But thus far the social will be a great experience and fun.
  • The Social event has one of the raddest line-ups i have seen in a long time…what can we expect from the¬†SIDESHOW x LEBZ¬†set this weekend?
S: It’ll be the first time LEBZ and I are doing a B2B set together. It’ll be fun and exciting because of the unfamiliarity between us. We’re opening the party, which means we get to set the tone for the evening. It’s gonna be sexy, expect lots of bass.
L: A new and old generation of Drum+Bass.
  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?
S: I have an internet radio show on Assembly Radio called The Mash Up With Sideshow, every Thursday from 16:00 – 18:00. I get to play my favourite tracks of the week and interact with internet friends for 2 hours. It’s dope.¬†
L: Yeah Im working on a new project, planning a bass event in the township in June.
  • Where can we follow you on social media?
Twitter: @side5how and my radio show @MASHxUPxRADIO
Instagram: @sideheaux
Facebook: Lebz Letsimo
Twitter; @Deejay_lebz
  • Lastly, if you could play at any international festival, where would that be at?
S: Secret Garden Party, without a doubt.
L: Tomorrow land would be my international festival.
  • Thank you so much for your time…
L: I thank you and the social for a great event and a journey for me thank you….



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