Catch FOKOFPOLISIEKAR headlining at Park Acoustics – 26th Jan’14


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Its the build up to the first Park Acoustics event of the year, which makes me smile like a kid on Christmas and do mu happy dance. What makes it even better, is that the headliner for this month is the SA Mega Band, FOKOFPOLISIEKAR… So if you were not totally out of your skin excited that its Park Acoustics again, you should be now, knowing that you will be blown away by total rock n roll awesomeness. We had a chat with the gents from Fokof, have a look at what they had to say:



MA: Hey Guys, what an honour to chat to one of SA’s biggest bands, EVER…

Hey! I just came back from holiday. It doesn’t feel like I am in a band at the moment. Thanks for the reminder.

MA: You guys are pioneers in our local music scene, tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on the band and how you got started?

Fokofpolisiekar started in 2003 when we came up with the name. It started as a joke, but after we wrote the first couple of songs we realised that we were busy with something special.

MA: Can you please introduce us to the band?

I am Francois van Coke and I sing. Hunter Kennedy plays guitar and writes the lyrics, Johnny de Ridder plays guitar and writes the music. Jaco Snakehead Venter plays the drums and the dreams. Wynand keeps it all together and plays bass.

MA: I am sure your name, FOKOFPOLISIEKAR, had heads turning when you stepped onto the scene! Where did the name originate from?

It was a stoner joke that stuck.

MA: What are some of your influences and inspirations in your style of music? 

All of us played in punk bands before Fokofpolisiekar, but we all started to listen to old school rock bands as we started the band.  I guess that was our style when we started out, rock with a bit of punk.

MA: Can you describe your ‘sound’ in 5 words?

Goddamn motherfucking rock ‘n roll.

MA: What has you most excited about the local music scene in SA at the moment?

SA iTunes

MA: You guys have been playing for over a decade now…can you give us a few career highlights?

Snake survived jumping out of a tour van.
Wyannd wrote Fok god on a guy’s wallet.

The whole band survived a big brawl together.

MA: The group split up to work on other projects, like aKing, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Van Coke Kartel. Is it fun coming together to perform as FOKOF?

Yes,  it is like a family reunion.

Park Acoustics 26 January - FOKOFPOLISIEKAR headlining

MA: You will be playing at the first Park Acoustics of 2014, are you excited about this? What can we expect from your show? 

Yes, we are very excited. We love playing in Pretoria.

MA: Favourite local band that you have played alongside?

Van Coke Kartel, aKING & Die Heuwels Fantasties

MA: Is there anything you are working on that we would be interested in?

We are working on some new music.

MA: Where can people follow you? 


MA: Lastly, if you could play at any festival in the world, where would that be?


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