Capital Craft

Capital Craft - Beer AcademyHoly Golden Nectar dripping from the great and majestic beard of The Great Zeus! Capital Craft… that is the word on the street people and it’s coming at you like the rolling boulder of Indiana Jones!!! Beer, Beer, Beer (and mother flippen more beer), Epic Food, Great Service and awesome smiles with great vibez!!!!

Capital Craft - Home

This picture above is the teaser of the new Beer Academy opening up in Pretoria, hopefully end of April! If you people like what the amazing and uber cool people of Park Acoustics, Griet and Hotbox Studio/parties  have delivered to you in Gauteng since they started, you will be glad to hear they have joined epic forces like Voltron protector of the Universe (One big ass robot that is assembled out of other kick ass ‘bevange’ robots) to bring you Capital Craft Beer  Academy!

So Keep your ears to the ground and we’ll keep you posted cos I, Crazy Jay, can say that I have had the pleasure to consume their awesome wide rage of craft (micro brewed) beer and taste their delicious tongue bursting-lly amazing food and you people are in for one hell of a treat! Sons of Justice be prepared for Amazement of note!!!! PAOOOOOOOW

Words by: Crazy Jay

Capital Craft - BEER

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