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Brent Black Studios was nothing more than an idea back in 2008 when Brent, while Loom Patrol Albumstudying, envisioned a studio of his own. By the end of his course in 2011 he turned that dream into a reality. Brent brought myself on as a partner and we began planning out a company together. With clients such as: Parkacoustics, Dub All or Nothing (UK), Rand Merchant Bank, Ticketbreak, SAMSA and many more, they seemed to like what we had to offer. We are off to a good start, few studios are as lucky as we are when they start out, thanks to the exposure from our clients and jobs. This is no small effort; hard work and talent had a lot to do with it. We have pushed the boundaries as often as possible and the response seems to be positive.

Predominantly an illustration house we tend to draw allot, when we are not drawing we’re thinking ‘drawing’ otherwise we’re probably conceptualizing some grand idea. Our ideas run into our lives and work equally and we tend to regard everything we do in relation to our work. Design for us is a lifestyle and this gives us a constant stream of ideas. This also translates nicely to our other departments, which includes: graphic design, animation (2D and 3D), web, general advertising, ideas and conceptualization. We are constantly keeping up with new trends in Design and animation focusing on keeping things fresh and different.

Our plans for the future are to keep doing what we do best. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline for this year. We plan on expanding our business to grow as we do and have recently added a new gunslinger, by the name of Willem Charl Verster, to our ranks. He is doing some great work with us and he tends to talk our language so look out for more of his work. Check out some of our work below, on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Let us know what you think.

: Stuart Ponton (Brent Black Studios)

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Splashy-Express Park Acoustics flyer 24th March Arcade Empire 13th Feb flyer Francois Van Coke Arcade Empire flyer Rivals Sports bar flyer Telmini- Buy This

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