Brandon Blight comes all the way from Cape Town for the NAZ Summer Jam

Brandon Blight-photo by  Dean-BaileySo the mooked gents Brandon Blight and Dean Bailey have made the trip up from Cape Town to hit a sesh at the NAZ Summer Jam, along with all the other awesome spots that Gauteng has to offer. If you have not seen Brandon ride before, let me sum him up in a sentence- Street steeze for days with more spins than the Tasmanian devil!! We got to have a quick chat with him, take a look at what he had to say…

Brandon Blight-photo by clint-jacobs

MA: Give us a little bit of background on how you got started in BMX? 

My parents gave me a bmx bike for my birthday in primary school. And a group of us used to pedal to school and back with our bikes, and just messed around on the bikes. Until we met older guys in our neighbourhood that actually rode bmx. So we used to cruise around with them. I guess it just stuck with and thats how I got into riding.

MA: What have been some of your influences and inspirations to keep pushing yourself to progress over the years? 

To me riding is a form of expressing yourself. And i think the love for riding just kept me going. I am definitely not a rider that learns tons of new tricks and progresses every time I ride.  I suppose filming edits is one thing that keeps me motivated for riding, but just riding with friends, laughing and good vibes with one another is definitely something that makes me want to pick up my bike on a daily bases and go ride.

MA: What type of rider do you consider yourself as?

I basically only ride street. And i think i would say that im kind of a “tech rider”. I can ride the simplest spot even a curb for a good amount of time and just try something different every time on it. But I do enjoy riding spots that I can spin off of. Haha

Brandon Blight-photo by buddy-chellan

MA: Who were your favourite riders growing up? Who are they now?

The local riders i look up to would be The loudon brothers, Buddy Chellan and Greg Illingworth (who is not so local anymore, His an international gent now ) . International riders would be Devon Smillie, Simone Barraco and Ty Morrow.

MA: What is your best trick and what is one trick you are still dying to do?

I don’t think i have a best trick. Haha something i feel which is pretty rad I do is hop 540s. Something I still need to get done is to 720 a drop or stair setup. And to fakie 720 something. All in good time haha.

MA: Do you listen to jams while you ride?? If so, what are you top 3 tunes at the moment?

I do listen to music when i ride. Top 3 artists i listen to when riding would be A$AP rocky, Kendrick Lamar and something else would be The Black Keys.

MA: You are coming up from Cape Town for the Naz Summer Jam, are you excited for the jam?

I am pretty excited to be in Jhb for NAZ jam. Tk is my gent so im pretty stoked to hang with him and chill with all the gents at the jam.

NAZ summer jam

MA: Where would you like to be in 5 years, regarding BMX?

In all honesty i just hope i will still be riding. I hope to travel abit more and meet some more rad people regarding bmx. Other than that, il just enjoy riding and see where it takes me.

MA: What message do you have for any kid wanting to take BMX seriously? 

Just enjoy riding. Don’t take it too seriously. If you ride to get sponsored, you not enjoying riding. If its meant to be, sponsers will find you. So have fun with friends,film and travel. Its all about the goodtimes.

Brandon Blight-photo by clint-jacobs-1

MA: Where can people follow you? 

You can find me on instagram. brandonblight1 or follow me on twitter.@BlightBrandon

MA: Lastly, if you could sesh with any 3 riders in the world, who would that be with?

If i could sesh with any 3 riders it would be with Simone Barraco, Devon smilli and Ty Morrow.

Brandon Blight-photo by dean-bailey-1

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