Big House Craft Beer Festival: The Party Review

Big House Craft Beer Festival

Big House Craft Beer Festival

By the sweet golden honey infused nectar of the Nordic Gods! We at Mixed Apples had the opportunity, about two weeks ago, to go to The Big House Craft Beer Festival hosted at the beautiful Jan Smuts House Museum.

Let me just start off by saying what a beautiful venue it was/is to host a Beer Festival at. The Jan Smuts House is also one of our countries heritage sites, thus it has a rich history which made it the perfect place to have a local craft beer fest.

Hallelujah a beer fest!

Hallelujah a beer fest!

So in connection with what I just said, do me a favour real quick, imagine a beer fest situated in a densely over grown forest heavily populated by blue gums and pine trees… Now put music to the images in the form of Mango Groove ‘Dance Some More’ with the crowd hopped up on amazing craft beer and jamming along to each note and lyric. Got the picture? Good, because this is what Big House Craft Beer Festival was all about, pure beauty with a hint of madness! 😀

This was not just one big party it was a beer fest and you might be wondering where all the usual suspects are, that had the crowd begging for more, so here you go all The Breweries at the Festival

1.  Aces Brew Worx and Mind The Gap

2. The Standeaven Brewery

3. Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

4. SMACK! Republic Brewing Co.

5. Citizen (

6. Dragon Brewing (

7. Copperlake Brewing (

8. Dog and Fig (

9. Agar’s Brewery (

10. Black Horse (

11. Soweto Gold (

12. Just Brewing Company (

MMMM Beeeer :D

MMMM Beeeer 😀

Each of these breweries came prepared and had amazing golden nectar of awesomeness on hand from Ales to Weiss and a Gremlin (a mixture of watermelon and cherry flavoured beer from Standeaven that would make any man shed a tear), quenching thirsts left right and centre. ‘Mmmm Beer’ – Homer Simpson voice.

The Grind Radio DJ’s were there the entire day dropping some ‘lekker’ tunes in between acts setting up the mood for the festival. Then Monkeys In Boots broke out on stage with their own unique colourful take on Blues (hint of country) infused rock, encouraging festival goers to start shaking their hips and tapping their feet. This only helped get the people ready for what was to come…. then…. BAM!!!  The legendary Mango Groove stepped out on stage and blew everyone away with one hell of a stellar performance.

Claire Johnston - Mango Groove

Claire Johnston – Mango Groove

It was EPIC! The music and performances went hand in hand with beer drinking, dancing and having an amazing time. This turned the small beer festival into a badass!

In conclusion I had a great time even though this festival is in its growing phases. It still needs time to evolve and become part of the elite beer festivals in our country and it will get there in due time, but i must say for a newcomer to achieve what Big House Craft Beer achieved is a huge deal. They worked their butts off to make it as awesome as possible and you could see their dedication. I know for a fact it will only get bigger and better.  They impressed me and did everything by the book, thus I am encouraging you to go next year and come enjoy the madness with us.

The Grind Radio Team - The Madness

The Grind Radio Team – The Madness

Some more photos from Shanne Liebenberg Photography:

Luan - Monkeys In Boots

Luan – Monkeys In Boots

Mango Groove - Crowd Control

Mango Groove – Crowd Control

The Standeaven Brewery

The Standeaven Brewery

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