ALBUM REVIEW – Van Coke Kartel “Bloed, Sweet en Trane”


By the rocking thunderous hammer of Thor! The Gents from Van Coke Kartel are back and they brought with  them a new album entitled: ‘BLOED, SWEET & TRANE.’

First off this is no walk in the park, let’s go for tea and biscuits at your aunts house type of album… NO! This is straight up, Jagermeister taking shots and girls getting naked, in  your face Rock ‘n’ Roll!  So… not for the faint of heart.  The Bellville rockers decided this time they are going back to their roots and using their musical influences (80/90’s Metal, Rock and Punk) to help them make this full on hands down Rock Album. 

What I like about this album is that it’s so well produced (Producer: Theo Crous). All the tracks come together so well, the band sounds extremely tight as a whole and you can hear that they really did their homework on this album (getting influences from other genre’s and bands) before they got started. They must have practiced their little fingers to the bone before recording, because it comes through in the music on the album.

There is so much going on in the album, from the awesome catchy guitar riffs and subtle but strong solos from Jedd to the technical and rhythmic banter between Jason and Wynand (drums and bass) it al flows in together so well. Then last but not least there is Francois with his raw and powerful, in your face, scream like voice. It grabs you by the balls, rips you from your seat and throws you into the crowd at a rock show from the start!

On that note there is one thing bothering me on the album and that is Francois subtle and soft singing in certain parts of the album. It seems sometimes that it doesn’t belong there and it’s not fitting, it’s almost like he was trying something different this time.  Don’t get me wrong I understand in a sense why he did it,  it’s to step back from his old self and not get labeled as a singer who can only do Rock singing and to show his range and technique.  I feel that Francois has nothing to prove, so he should stick to what his good at and rather constantly melt our faces off with that awesome rocking, raw, attention grabbing voice.


From start to finish this is a Rock album, no doubt about it! Except for the last song, it’s a chilled track, almost like the band and producer thought this would be a great way to finish of the album (like a closing off track or a thank you and good bye we’re done type of thing). The album is like the rollercoaster ride from hell and at the end of it, it’s sudden stand still and you’re finished. BOOM!!! That’s it folks.

So in conclusion, this Album is for the people who love Rock n Roll and who are dire Van Coke Fans! Listen to this album loud, because it’s Rock all the way and it gets you going.  This is a well put together album and it rocks tits. So go and check it out, it might just be what you where looking for to get you out your funk.

                                                               Words by Crazy Jay


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