AKG by Harman – NEW sponsorship for TRIO NOVA Productions

AKG by Herman, sponsorship for Trio Nova

Trio Nova productions is a deep house events company from Pretoria, that consist of three very passionate guys, who love throwing deep house insired events to the beautiful people of P-Town. They have been growing stronger and stronger with each event, getting some love and appreciation along the way. Already being sponsored by SOVIET Denim, making them look super styling for every event, now they also get to rock the decks wearing one of the best headphones on the market, AKG by Harman.

AKG, as a brand, has been in the market since 1947, founded in Vienna by Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless, soon became one of the biggest players in the world of sound. Today AKG is synonymous with good sound, stands for passion in music providing the highest quality and ongoing innovation in the world of music. In 1984 AKG went public and started a new phase of enormous growth. In 1985 the US subsidiary of AKG was founded, followed by other expansions such as the acquisition of dbx Professional Products in 1989. The expansion continued through the beginning of the nineties with acquisitions in Great Britain, Germany and other countries. As this powerhouse of a brand was growing, it established its first endorsement contracts with Frank Sinatra, Roger Whittaker, Falco and other artists, all happening around the late seventies.

AKG by Herman, sponsorship for Trio Nova

In 1994 AKG became a part of Harman International Industries, Inc. The following years brought a time of restructuring and sharpening of the product line and distribution strategy. The wireless microphone line was extended with great products used on tour by Rod Stewart, Peter Gabriel and Simply Red. In 2007, AKG celebrates its 60th anniversary, but instead of looking back, AKG is looking toward a bright future with additional growth. In addition to the development of new geographical markets, the focus will be on the strategic positioning of AKG in existing and new markets. To achieve these goals, the brand has been re-launched with a new corporate logo and brand image.

AKG microphones and headphones have a long history on tour and in studio with international musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Anastasia, Eros Ramazotti, Kayne West and Simply Red.

AKG by Herman, sponsorship for Trio Nova

Locally, AKG works with Haezer – he uses AKG headphones to produce and for his live shows, as well as with Craig White , who is also playing at Trio nova:LADIES TOUCH, endorsing him in house – “he is a good guy to have because he definitely has his followers and its also a nice market to tap.”

Basically, AKG is all about good music. Good music heard through quality headphones. Their main mission is to make quality cool. Quality sells. So does cool.

They also sponsor the SA music show on TUKS FM and are also involved with the grind radio, an online radio station. (thegrindradio.co.za), where our very own crazy man himself, Crazy Jay, has a weekly show called, Jay’s Madness 😀 

We are so happy to see such a big brand like AKG sponsoring the underground deep house movement that Trio Nova are involved in!! This is just another step in the right direction for the local music scene… 

Go have a look at what all they offer, by checking out their website: http://eu.akg.com/homepage-akg-eu.html

AKG by Herman, sponsorship for Trio Nova


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