Johannesburg based production duo,2WICE SHYE have released a brand new single entitled KINDA LONELY, featuring AMBER B. The duo consists of JonT Schoeman and Cameron Last, who each have 10 years of music production experience in various genres and styles of music. KINDA LONELY features three versions on the track: The radio edit, extended version, and a techno dub.

The duo has worked on the new single over the course of the last two months creating different versions before settling on the one they liked best. The inspiration for the lyrics and the feel of the three versions of the song was a feeling of loneliness; wanting others to understand how you feel when you are lonely, but being able to have a good time and embrace your loneliness.

“We often feel lonely even with friends and family around at times. Music is how we express our emotions. For JonT it especially relates to a girl he liked and it just didn’t work out because they wanted different things and it left him feeling extra lonely recently. However, we believe that sometimes being alone is good and it helps you to reflect on things and you can have a good time by yourself.”

The base of the music, inspired by Sci-Fi sounds, is heard on the single. The radio/commercial version, influenced by big bass lines with clean sounds, appeals to a wide audience with sounds that inspire a feeling of loneliness but make you want to dance whether it’s on a dance floor or driving back home from work. The techno version is slightly darker whilst bringing out more emotions; the sounds are also Sci-Fi inspired with a driving bass line and percussion with a beautiful melody.

“Amber was a joy to work with; she is professional and at the same time she lets her fun personality shine through, so we really also enjoyed hanging out with her in the studio.” – 2WICE SHYE.

“Working with 2wice Shye was very cool; we got along really well from the get-go and it was super fun and easy to record and make music. I really dig the song; I love the vibe and I hope everyone else loves it too.” – AMBER B.

Fans can look forward to a song which tells a story every listener can relate to and feel emotional about while at the same time wanting to dance and sing along wherever you are.

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