2Lani The Warrior makes it RAIN at Oppikoppi 2013

2Lani-the-Warrior at KOPPI!!!photography by Heather Mennell

The beauty about Oppikoppi is that there is so much on offer, spread over 3 days, for absolutely everyone to enjoy. With 6 stages jam packed with LIVE entertainment, there will always be something to see and unfortunately a lot that you are unable to get to. So when the line-up was first released, i immediately went and highlighted my musical journey through Oppikoppi for the 3 days.

As i am a huge house head, i was particularly excited about the Red Bull stage on Thursday at sunset, where 2Lani The Warrior and Julian Gomes were booked back-to-back for 3 hours of what would be musical ecstasy! By this time the euphoria that is “oppikoppi fever” had well set in and the beers were flowing steadily. I made my way down to the very front of the Red Bull stage just in time for the start of 2Lani’s set, where he immediately had me moving to the sweet sound of House Music.

The next two hours were somewhat of a blur, with my mind, body and soul taken on a journey, leaving me with the biggest smile cemented to my party face!! The absolute peak of my climax and one of my highlights at Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast 2013 happened halfway through 2Lani’s set, with the sun nearly completely set and a few dark clouds pulling in to mix with the leftover red flashes of sunset, when all of a sudden it started drizzling!!! The mixture of body shaking house beats, oppikoppi euphoria and the excitement of the first rains at koppi in, um forever, made me party so hard, forgetting any thought of the ‘real world’ and just being peacefully content in the moment!


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